Goslar 1826 Gose

A "collaboration beer" with Piccolo Birrificio Clandestino...Wheat beer, distingushed by lactic bacteria, giving an acidic freshness, enriched by bergamot notes and made unique by the sapidity obtained from the exquisite Fleur de Sel de Camargue.Furies' trip nose is rich, full and persistent. It opens on fruity notes, both fresh and ripened fruits, nuts and spicies, flowers and some toffee notes. The mouth feeling is mellow: sweet, full and round, candied fruit and biscuits dancing on the full body. The ending is suprising and reveals the wild character of this beer: dry, determined with a light but perceptible bitterness closing your experience.

Gose / Alc 5,5%
Color: Opalescent Yellow
Plato: 10,5 / IBU: 7,5
Fermentation: Top
Format: 33cl, Keg

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