Since 2011, our mission is to constantly improve quality of our products, bringing to the same level of our passion.
Our claim Bevi come un toro (drink like a bull) represents our approach to work and life; our family, guests and friends.
It expresses the strenght and passion that everyday we put in whatever we do.


Let a punk-rock band know that they can produce beer
La Buttiga Craft Brewery were born on 2011, in a XVth century courtyard, when four partners decided to take over a brewery started in 2008.
A farmhouse made of brickwalls, with horses, chickens, an orchard and a stable, where everything began.
At the beginning, we didn’t know what was right or wrong and where to go, so we simply decided to take all the chances.
For a year and a half, we moved around with our van, everywhere we were able to go. 
Small and big fairs and exhibitsions; local markets, small town festivals, weddings; let’s say EVERTHING!
After almost two years, we understood that the craft beer market is not an easy game, so we decided to put a knife between our teeths and start working really hard.
Mostly, we understood that our mission is to make life better and easier for the human race; with our beer!
In 2013, we decided to grow; new beer brewing equipment and investments on production.
We focused on quality, balance of the beers and started with experimentations.
At the same time, we started selected beer fairs and exhibitions in the whole country.
In a few words: just a few limits to fantasy!
In 2014 we came out with the Barrel Aged project, refine also our beers in barrels.
An example? La Poderosa Rum Barrel.
Rum, exactly!
During the years, we continued to produce both classic and barrel aged beers and in 2019, we invest again on a new beer production system.
In the meantime, we realize how good we feel with people around and we decided to open our first pub.
At the end of 2016, we opened our first Beer Room in via Paolo Sarpi, 64, in Milan.
In May 2019 we opened the second Beer Room, in via Melchiorre Gioia, at the beginning of the Naviglio Martesana, in one of the most beautiful corner of Milan.

Beer Room(s)

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