Your second, sometimes first, home

We just wanted an excuse to stay up until late

We think that every pub should be a community and we believe that every community must celebrates life, because it would be crazy not doing it.

La Buttiga Beer Room Sarpi

The first, the original, the incomparable Beer Room.
La Buttiga Beer Room Sarpi is located in via Paolo Sarpi, 64, at the beginning of the Milanese Chinatown.
We called it Beer Room, because it’s not bigger than a room (with a sofa).
Like every room worthy of respect, our Beer Room is full of ideas,  memories and music.
It’s your living room.
12 drafts, two of which under nitrogen and other two on pump.
Warm weather, always.

La Buttiga Beer Room Martesana

May 2019: the second-born.
La Buttiga Beer Room Martesana is located in the Cassina de’ Pomm, an historical courtyards of Milan, close to the Naviglio Martesana.
There’s a beautiful forecourt in front of the Beer Room, with an iron bridge.
Even if it’s located in Milan, you’ll feel like you have just left the city.
This “Room” is bigger and more comfortable, with a kitchen.
Live concerts? Yes, sometimes.

La Buttiga Beer Room Sarpi

Via Paolo Sarpi, 64 – Milan
Monday-Thursday 5pm-1am
Friday-Saturday 5pm-1am
Sunday 5pm-1am

La Buttiga Beer Room Martesana

Via Melchiorre Gioia, 194 – Milan
Monday-Thursday 5pm-1am
Friday 5pm-2am
Saturday 12.00pm-2am
Sunday 12.00pm-1am
Phone: 351 8414608


If your question is: “Apart from the beer, can I eat something?”, the answer is yes.
The Beer Room Sarpi offers just snacks, but the neighborhood is plenty of restaurants and small venues offering delicious street food.
The Beer Room Martesana offers food, paninis, platter of cold cuts and our specialities: La Buttiga Food, meat cooked together with our beers. 
Just to give you an idea, while enjoying a Psycho, our double Ipa, you can eat our Psycho ribs, pork ribs marinated for 24 hours in our beer, cooked and smoked for 9 hours in a BBQ.