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Rental of equipment for parties, weddings and events

Want some beer for the most beautiful day of your life (we’re not necessary talking about your wedding)?
Planning a huge party with your friends?
No friends, but you feel really thirsty?
You can rent equipment and kegs from us.
Branded labels?
Yes, we can.

Beer experience (a great team building)

By yourself, with your friends or with your team.
A craft beer talk of 90 minutes.
Learn to know beers, how to choose, taste and enjoy beers.

Beer Room Martesana bookings (groups)

Let’s say we’re not against bookings.
Usually we reserve seats.
Starting from 10 people minimum.
Ph: +39 351 8414608
Email: info@labuttiga.it

Produce your own beer

Yes, you can.
For a wedding.
Why not, for a punk rock band.
The best solution? A wedding of a punk rock band member.